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Moving to Ozark

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Embark on a New Adventure in Ozark, Missouri – Uncover the Unique Advantages Ozark Has to Offer

Get To Know Ozark, MO

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Nestled strategically on US Highway 65 between Springfield and Branson, Ozark, Missouri, stands as a beacon of growth and community vibrancy. With a population of 30,000 people and a median income of $60,000, Ozark is a thriving city that has seen a remarkable 119% growth over the last decade.


A standout feature of Ozark is its well-regarded school district, earning an A+ ranking and state recognition. Families are drawn to Ozark for its commitment to education, providing a nurturing environment for students to thrive. The city is also home to a branch of Ozarks Technical Community College (OTC), contributing to the town's focus on higher education.


Ozark takes pride in its historic downtown square, a charming focal point that encapsulates the city's rich heritage. Voted the best place to go antiquing, the square offers a delightful journey through time with its quaint shops and unique treasures. The presence of Lambert's Restaurant adds a touch of culinary flair, providing residents and visitors with an iconic dining experience.


The city's commitment to recreation and community engagement is reflected in having one of the best community centers, providing a space for residents to connect and partake in various activities. The city's location along the Finley River further enhances its appeal, offering natural beauty and recreational opportunities for residents to enjoy.


For entertainment, Ozark boasts a B&B Theaters complex, providing a modern cinema experience for movie enthusiasts. With a strategic location just 10 minutes from Springfield and 25 minutes from Branson, Ozark offers the perfect blend of accessibility and a tranquil small-town atmosphere.


As a testament to its growth and thriving community, Ozark has garnered recognition as one of the best places to live and explore. Its strategic location, educational excellence, and vibrant downtown make it not just a city but a dynamic tapestry of heritage, growth, and vibrancy. Ozark, with its unique blend of the old and the new, stands ready to embrace the future while honoring its rich history.

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